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Food and Wine Pairings

Angel food cake Asti Spumante
Barbecue Your favorite beer (or dry Rosé)
Beef brisket Cabernet/Merlot blend
Beef, lamb stew Meritage (blended) Red
Blue cheese Johannisberg Riesling
Burgers and fries Chilled Beaujolais-Villages
Calamari, fried Pinot Grigio
Calves’ liver Pinot Noir (or chilled Beaujolais)
Cassoulet Gigondas (or Syrah)
Catfish Dry Riesling (or Pinot Blanc)
Caviar Champagne (or iced Vodka)
Cheddar cheese Merlot (or Ruby Port)
Chicken, fried Dry Riesling (or chilled Beaujolais)
Chicken, roast (& dark meat). Pinot Noir (or Côtes-du-Rhone)
Chicken breast Chardonnay (or Sauvignon Blanc)
Chicken curry Alsace Riesling
Chicken salad Pinot Gris (or dry Riesling)
Chili Beer (or Zinfandel)
Chinese, Thai Alsace (or other dry Riesling)
Clams, raw Lager beer (or Muscadet)
Clams, cooked Pinot Grigio
Corned beef & cabbage Stout (or dry Riesling)
Crab cakes Fumé Blanc
Crab/lobster Oak-aged Chardonnay (or White Burgundy)
Chocolate, dark Black Muscat
Cornish game hen Pinot Noir
Duck Pinot Noir (or Merlot)
Fish - Bluefish, mackerel Côte de Brouilly Beaujolais (or Fumé Blanc)
Fish - Halibut, black cod, swordfish Sauvignon Blanc (or Pinot Gris)
Fish - Sole, trout, flounder Pinot Blanc (or dry Riesling)
Fish - Salmon, grilled Oregon Pinot Noir (or Volnay)
Fish - Salmon, poached Sauvignon
Fish - Salmon, smoked Aquavit (or Fumé Blanc)
Fish - Tuna, grilled Merlot
Fruitcake Madeira (or Tawny Port)
Goat cheese Sancerre (or Rhone Red)
Grilled sausages Cru Beaujolais (or Côtes-du-Rhone)
Guacamole Dry Chenin Blanc (or dry Rosé)
Hot dogs Ale (or Riesling)
Ham Chilled Beaujolais (or dry Rosé)
Jarlsberg Riesling (or Grenache)
Lasagna Chianti (or Sangiovese
Meatloaf Merlot (or Rioja Crianza)
Moussaka Barbera (or Sangiovese)
Nachos Beer (or Sangria)
Omelet Cabernet Franc (or Pinot Blanc)
Oysters, raw Chablis (or Muscadet)
Oysters, cooked Muscadet (or Fumé Blanc)
Paella Rioja Crianza (or Navarra Red)
Pasta, meat sauce Chianti (or Barbera)
Seafood, shellfish Pinot Grigio (or Fumé Blanc)
Pesto Pinot Grigio
Paté Vouvray (or Gewurztraminer)
Pizza Chianti (or beer)
Pork loin, chops Pinot Noir (or Cabernet Franc)
Rocquefort cheese Sauternes, Merlot (or Cabernet Franc)
Scallops Shiraz (or Syrah)
Shish kebab Shiraz (or Syrah)
Shrimp Chardonnay
Steak, lamb (grilled or roast) Cabernet Sauvignon (or Red Zinfandel)
Stilton cheese Port
Sushi Sauvignon Blanc (or sparkling wine)
Tuna salad Dry Riesling (or Pinot Gris)
Turkey Chilled Beaujolais Nouveau (or Zinfandel)
Veal Pinot Noir (or Merlot)
Venison Chateauneuf-du-Pape (or Petite Sirah)