The availability and cost of food have been influenced by a wide variety of factors throughout history. In pre-modern times, the availability of food was often limited by the local climate and the availability of arable land for farming. In some cases, food was also limited by the ability to store and preserve it, as well as by the availability of transportation to bring it to market. As a result, the types of food that were available and the way they were prepared were often dictated by the local environment and resources.

In the modern era, advances in transportation and refrigeration have made it possible to bring a wide variety of foods to market, and advances in agriculture have made it possible to produce more food than ever before. However, the cost of food is still influenced by a variety of factors, including the price of raw materials, the cost of labor, and the cost of transportation. In addition, the demand for certain types of food, as well as government policies, can also affect the price of food.

Planning Beverages for that Special Occasion
Beverages play an important role when hosting a special event. Your guests may have a variety of beverage preferences. Suggested beverages to serve include: liquor, beer, wine, champagne, liquors, cordials, pop and coffee. Before the event, determine, as closely as possible, how many people will drink each type of beverage offered. If you don’t have enough information about the drinking habits of the guests, here is an approximation of what you will need for a large party lasting four or five hours in length (more).

Friday Night Pizza Party
Everyone is familiar with the warmth, comfort and convenience pizza brings to their lives.  Can you remember where or when the last time you had made fresh, piping hot pizza, with all your favorite toppings? Learn the simple steps to make Friday night, family night with these easy pizza recipes (more).

Introduction to Wine Selection
The right wine can add the perfect compliment to any meal. A dozen bottle wine cellar assures you that you will have a wine on hand to complement almost any meal (more).