Food and Wine Pairings

Angel food cakeAsti Spumante
BarbecueYour favorite beer (or dry Rosé)
Beef brisketCabernet/Merlot blend
Beef, lamb stewMeritage (blended) Red
Blue cheeseJohannisberg Riesling
Burgers and friesChilled Beaujolais-Villages
Calamari, friedPinot Grigio
Calves’ liverPinot Noir (or chilled Beaujolais)
CassouletGigondas (or Syrah)
CatfishDry Riesling (or Pinot Blanc)
CaviarChampagne (or iced Vodka)
Cheddar cheeseMerlot (or Ruby Port)
Chicken, friedDry Riesling (or chilled Beaujolais)
Chicken, roast (& dark meat).Pinot Noir (or Côtes-du-Rhone)
Chicken breastChardonnay (or Sauvignon Blanc)
Chicken curryAlsace Riesling
Chicken saladPinot Gris (or dry Riesling)
ChiliBeer (or Zinfandel)
Chinese, ThaiAlsace (or other dry Riesling)
Clams, rawLager beer (or Muscadet)
Clams, cookedPinot Grigio
Corned beef & cabbageStout (or dry Riesling)
Crab cakesFumé Blanc
Crab/lobsterOak-aged Chardonnay (or White Burgundy)
Chocolate, darkBlack Muscat
Cornish game henPinot Noir
DuckPinot Noir (or Merlot)
Fish – Bluefish, mackerelCôte de Brouilly Beaujolais (or Fumé Blanc)
Fish – Halibut, black cod, swordfishSauvignon Blanc (or Pinot Gris)
Fish – Sole, trout, flounderPinot Blanc (or dry Riesling)
Fish – Salmon, grilledOregon Pinot Noir (or Volnay)
Fish – Salmon, poachedSauvignon
Fish – Salmon, smokedAquavit (or Fumé Blanc)
Fish – Tuna, grilledMerlot
FruitcakeMadeira (or Tawny Port)
Goat cheeseSancerre (or Rhone Red)
Grilled sausagesCru Beaujolais (or Côtes-du-Rhone)
GuacamoleDry Chenin Blanc (or dry Rosé)
Hot dogsAle (or Riesling)
HamChilled Beaujolais (or dry Rosé)
JarlsbergRiesling (or Grenache)
LasagnaChianti (or Sangiovese
MeatloafMerlot (or Rioja Crianza)
MoussakaBarbera (or Sangiovese)
NachosBeer (or Sangria)
OmeletCabernet Franc (or Pinot Blanc)
Oysters, rawChablis (or Muscadet)
Oysters, cookedMuscadet (or Fumé Blanc)
PaellaRioja Crianza (or Navarra Red)
Pasta, meat sauceChianti (or Barbera)
Seafood, shellfishPinot Grigio (or Fumé Blanc)
PestoPinot Grigio
PatéVouvray (or Gewurztraminer)
PizzaChianti (or beer)
Pork loin, chopsPinot Noir (or Cabernet Franc)
Rocquefort cheeseSauternes, Merlot (or Cabernet Franc)
ScallopsShiraz (or Syrah)
Shish kebabShiraz (or Syrah)
Steak, lamb (grilled or roast)Cabernet Sauvignon (or Red Zinfandel)
Stilton cheesePort
SushiSauvignon Blanc (or sparkling wine)
Tuna saladDry Riesling (or Pinot Gris)
TurkeyChilled Beaujolais Nouveau (or Zinfandel)
VealPinot Noir (or Merlot)
VenisonChateauneuf-du-Pape (or Petite Sirah)