Studying nutrition explores the nutritional values in food and how it effects the body’s health, growth, and development throughout life. Nutrition applies healthy food principals to today’s kitchens and lifestyles.

How much is a serving?
Consumers are eating away from the home; often times attracted to branded foods (beverages) and take home to eat foods from the grocery store. Below is a simple reminder of the severing sizes appropriate for the average adult eating at home or away from home. A single serving may be less food than you think (more).

Obesity in America
Obesity is a concern for all Americans. Why? Many American’s are out to lunch when it comes to healthy food choices. Learn ten easy ways to incorporate healthy eating habits into everyday living (more).

Types of Bottled Water
Hydration plays an important role in our daily diet. Learn about how much to drink and the various types of bottle water available in the market (more).

Trans Fat
Where will I find trans fat? Vegetable shortenings, some margarine’s, crackers, cookies, snack foods, and other foods made with or fried in partially hydrogenated oils (more).